Save on Heating With Recycled Dryer Heat!

Lambro dryer heat economizer koopman lumberIf you’ve ever looked out the window during the winter time while your electric dryer is running you’ve probably noticed the mist pouring out of your home. Your dryer constantly pumps out warm and moist air into the world and you don’t get to see even the slightest amount of it. At Koopman we actually have a nifty little product that will let you recycle this air. The Lambro Dry Heat Economizer is a great and easy to install product that will let you reclaim that heated air you otherwise would be throwing away and installation is easy, you can try it out here!

Note that this technique can only be applied to a dryer that has a vertical air vent leaving your house via the ceiling or upwards on the wall. If you have an electric dryer that doesn’t have a vertical vent, contact us at koopmanlumber.com and let us help you figure out the best way to conserve the heat.

Installing your Dry Heat Economizer

  1. Installing the Lambro Dry Heat Economizer is incredibly easy! You can have it done in 20 minutes tops by following these few simple steps. But before we get into it we need to make sure that we have a safe work environment. Unplug the dryer before you begin to work on it to prevent any sort of electrical accidents. Always unplug electronics before working on them!
  2. Koopman lumber installed dryer heat diverterNext locate where on the heat diverter to be placed along the vent. Choose a portion of duct that is most open to the rest of the room and not hidden behind the dryer.
  3. Use tin snips to cut the vent at the desired location. (if your vent is already a set of multiple pieces you can get away with uncoupling them)
  4. Push the heat diverters access hole into one end of the cut duct. Make sure that the vent is facing the room.
  5. Use the ring clamp that came with your kit to secure the connection to the vent duct with a socket driver. Don’t overtighten his connection! you can strip the clamp and it can come loose during use. Trust us, you don’t want this!
  6. Push the other diverter end into the opposite vent end and secure it just like the other side.
  7. Plug the dryer back in.
  8. Run the dryer for a few minutes with the vent closed to knock out any lint that you may have knocked loose
  9. After a few minutes turn the dryer off, open the heat diverter, and turn the dryer back on. Verify that the heat is pouring out.
  10. enjoy!

Wrap Up

This is a great way to cut down on your heating cost a little during the winter months. If you want to check out this awesome little product, click here! If you have any more questions reach out to one of our wonderful staff members here at Koopman Lumber over on our website at Koopmanlumber.com. Thanks for tuning in!