Product Spotlight – Ring Floodlight Cam

Take 1 part motion sensor, 1 part floodlight, 1 part security camera, 1 part walkie talkie, put all these together and what do you get? The Ring Floodlight Cam!

Ring Floodlight Cam

This wonderful little piece of technology gives you everything you could ever want in an exterior security system. This is THE home protection system for the average consumer. With motion activated security camera, floodlight, two-way speaker, and triggerable alarm, you can protect your home and your family right from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Always Connected, Wherever You Are

Your PC, smartphone, and tablet all just became the windows to your home security no matter where you are. Get alerts on all of your devices when your floodlights are activated, and control your camera, microphone, and alarm from any device you want. You are in control of your home security day or night, in bed, or half a world away.

Simple Setup and Easy Controls

Installation is a breeze, and getting connected is simple. Install the floodlight cam wherever you want on your home’s exterior. It has a 270º field of vision designed to detect motion around corners and monitor blind spots, so take advantage of that and set it up somewhere that makes the most of it!

With the app, you can flash the lights, sound the alarm, speak through the 2-way speaker, and zoom in to focus on important areas. Get a livestream audio/visual connection whenever you want it, and alerts whenever your camera detects motion.

Connect Your Home

As with everything in the Koopman Smart Home, this product is designed to connect your life and provide simple solutions for normal problems. The Ring Floodlight Cam is one of the most significant upgrades to affordable home security we’ve seen recently, and we love it.

Wrap up

The Ring Floodlight is one of the coolest pieces of home security we’ve come across, and we’ve seen a lot of gadgets! You get so much functionality out of one little piece of gear, and it’s just awesome!  If you have any questions or want to learn more about the getting your smart home set up, send us a comment below or reach out to us at koopmanlumber.com!