HeadLOK and LedgerLOK Screws

Stop Predrilling For Lags and Carriage Bolts! 

At Koopman Lumber, we seek to bring you innovative solutions to common problems every day. With our Product Spotlight blogs, we’ll briefly highlight items that we believe many people can make use of but may not be aware that they exist. Making your life easier is our mission!

Fastenmaster-logo1It’s the time of year when many of us are doing outside construction projects; everything from sandboxes to decks, swing sets to planters. A terrific product for fastening your lumber together easy is using Fastenmaster’s LOK Line™, a collection of structural wood-to-wood screws.  Since LOK Fasteners require no pre-drilling – you won’t have to spend the time create holes for every fastener you use like you have to when using traditional lag bolts and carriage bolts.

2wide HeadLOK install

HeadLokHeadLOK is a heavy duty flathead wood screw that does it all.  It is ideal for many wood-to-wood applications including decks, fences, structural insulated panels, kitchen cabinets and more. HeadLOK screws zip right into the wood thanks to a sharp gimlet point that makes installation fast. They are designed with an aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength. The head on the HeadLOK grips the bit so tight, it takes very little driving force – especially with an impact driver (CLICK HERE for more info on impact drivers).

LedgerLokLedgerLOK is the first wood screw engineered to fasten a deck ledger board to the rim joist of a house with no pre-drilling. It is a code-approved deck ledger board fastener that replaces lag screws and through-bolts. Its triple-coating makes it corrosion resistant and perfect to use with pressure treated lumber. LedgerLOK’s built-in washer head eliminates the need for an additional washer, saving time and money. It’s super-sized threads give superior holding power.

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