Product Spotlight – Blue Seal

The men and women of Blue Seal are driven by one very special thing; passion. They love animals and care deeply about each and every pet and farm animal, and the product they create proves it. Their marketing claims superior nutritional goods and services for the discerning pet owner, and we at Koopman back that claim.

History of Blue Seal

Blue Seal is a longstanding brand, with it’s beginning in 1868. A man by the name of Henry L. Webster started a grist mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, which would eventually turn into one of the largest feed manufacturing companies in the northeast.

As it grew, it was picked up by a predecessor of Kent Corporation in 1988, allowing for production and distribution in the Midwest as well as the east coast.

In 2006, the product line expanded to include the By Nature© dog and cat food line. In 2008, Blue Seal acquired I. L. Richer increasing its ability to produce and supply dairy feed, products, and services.

What Makes Blue Seal Better?

Blue seal products and services are made and run by animal lovers, for animal lovers. No one knows how to care for a horse better than a horse owner. This is why Blue Seal has consistently made some of the best products on the market and continually educate their consumers on more than just feed.

Blue Seal is known for its wealth of authoritative information, which it shares through seminars, videos, and informational materials on their website. Online they discuss GMO’s, upcoming events, and helpful links for animal owners and caretakers.

A century and a half of production have given them plenty of time to refine their formulas and ingredients. Each line has multiple products with different blends, meaning that animals with special of severe dietary restrictions will always have food they can call their own.

Events, Classes and More!

Blue Seal is fanatical about animals. As we’ve mentioned, they regularly host classes, demo’s and the like to make sure you have the most up to date information when it comes to the proper nutrition and animal care. To get a glimpse into the world, take a look at this excellent seminar put on at Koopman Lumber by Blue Seal’s own Heather Holloway!

Wrap Up

Blue Seal is one of our most trusted brands. The people care so much about their products and the animals they reach, and that comes through loud and clear when you look at their product lines and services. There’s something for everyone when it comes to Blue Seal! If you have any questions, let us know down in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer it for you. Thanks for reading!