Product Spotlight – Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System

The Avalanche Roof Rakes are some of the best winter cleaning products on the market. If you’re looking to clear a bunch of snow as fast as possible, is what you need. The days of throwing out your back trying to scrape row after row of snow off your roof? This product is the answer to all of your snow removal prayers!

The Avalanche Roof Rake works through very simple and easy to use technology that is hands-down the most effective snow removal tool on the market. By pushing the patented cutter head up under the snow and up your roof, the snow literally falls off in its wake. You can finish your entire roof in a fraction of the time that it used to take you to clear off only one side of the house!

Not only is the Avalanche Roof Rake fast and efficient, but it’s also safe. Regular roof rakes typically have you pulling snow downwards onto yourself, increasing the risk of snowfall on yourself on top of being physically strenuous. Those days are long gone, as the Avalanche Roof Rake operates in the total opposite way. You’re pushing this snow remover right up the roof! This helps with fatigue, and allows snow to drop at regular, predictable intervals meaning you are safe and ready to tackle your next project without being worn out!

The Avalanche system works on any type of roof. There are two models to look for, the 500 model with smaller wheels that can easily most shingled roofs, and the 750 one with larger wheels for tiles, shake, or metal roofs.

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