Easy Leaf Blower Maintenance

Welcome to the Koopman Powershop Blog. This month we will be taking a look at one the most indispensable power tools you can own, leaf blowers! These machines provide a power and easy way to clean up your yard, and can be an excellent way to clear away light, fluffy snow in the winter! Some basic maintenance will help your leaf blower perform well for a long time, so let’s review how to treat our leaf blower right and get the most out of it!


Blog Series: Powershop - Leafblowers

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 2 Hours

If you don’t have the time to maintain your leaf blower, or would just rather have a professional look it over, bring it down to the Koopman Lumber Powershop! Our onsite experts will get your leaf blower up and running before the fall is in full swing!

Step 1: Spark Plug

Koopman Leaf blower Spark PlugIf you’re a regular follower of our Power shop blogs, it won’t surprise you that this was our first maintenance step. A spark plug that is firing at full capacity is essential to get your machine to run, as it ignites the fuel in a machine. So if your leaf blower seems low on power, is difficult to start or runs poorly at idling speed, a dirty spark plug is the likely culprit.

On a leaf blower, the spark plug is usually located on top of the engine casing with a thick plastic boot around it. Begin by removing the plastic boot, then use a spark plug wrench to remove the plug itself. Next use a gap tool to set the replacement spark plug to the manufacturer’s recommendations (check the owners manual).

Hand tighten the newly gapped spark, then use your spark plug wrench to give it another 3/4 turn to tighten it securely.  Finally, put the spark plug boot back into place.

Step 2: Fuel Filter

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.54.41 AMYour leaf blower’s fuel filter requires a little bit of ingenuity to remove than a spark plug. You will need to use a tool that acts as a hook in order to fish the fuel line out of the fuel tank. This can be something as simple as a wire coat hanger cut into a 6″ section with the end bent into a hook shape.

Once your tool is prepared, remove the cap to your fuel tank and use the tool to fish out the fuel line with the filter on the end. Using a flat head screwdriver, disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter.

Take your replacement fuel filter and connect it to the end of the fuel line. Next carefully place the fuel line filter first back into the tank. Be careful not to cause any kinks in the line as you put it in! Finally, use your fingers to guide the filter into the open part of the tank.

Step 3: Air Filter

Air filters are vital to health of all engines. By keeping dirt and debris from getting into and damaging the engine, they’re real workhorses inside most any machine. Dirty air filters reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption, and make starting more difficult.  Luckily, air filters Koopman air filter leaf blowerare easy to replace and inexpensive enough to warrant replacing over cleaning/repairing every time

The air filter is found in a filter housing that is (usually) on the back of the blower near the carburetor and the fuel tank. The casing is usually held in place by either a locking nut or using the clips found on the case (these are the most common two locking devices, refer to manufacturer guide if you see anything different).

Remove the casing, then remove the old air filter and put the new one in it’s place.  Then reinstall the outer casing. That was easy!

Step 4: Still Not Working?

If you are still unable to get your leaf blower up and running after these basic maintenance tasks, it’s time to take it to the professionals. Head over to our Koopman Powershop page and find the shop nearest to you. Our onsite staff are experts at tune-up and repairs. We’ll have your leaf blower back in action in no time!

Wrap Up

That was a tough one, but your leaf blower should now be working as well as it did when it was brand new! Be sure to visit Koopman Lumber Powershop if you need your leaf blower professionally serviced.  Koopman Lumber has some of the most experience service techs around, and we’ll be sure to get your machine running in tip-top condition before you know it. Reach out to us online at Koopmanlumber.com or see us in store!

Thanks for reading this month’s Powershop blog, we’ll see you next time!