Koopman Recipes – Beer Bread on the Big Green Egg

We’re proud to partner with our friend Andrew Bausman to bring the best Big Green Egg recipes he knows. Today Andrew is bringing us his Beer Bread on the Egg. A delicious and fun take on bread, this dish pairs great with soup, as a side, or even just by itself. Don’t expect it to stick around too long though! Your family and friends will just tear through it when they realize how delicious it is!


6 cups unbleached flour

1/2 tsp active dry yeast

1 tbsp kosher salt

3 cups beer

extra vigrin olive oil

ground cornmeal


In a bowl mix 6 cups unbleached flour and ½ teaspoon active dry yeast and 1 tablespoon kosher salt.

Add 3 cups beer and mix well, cover bowl with plastic wrap and store at room temperature for 18-24 hours.

One hour before cooking punch dough down and transfer to a lightly oiled bowl and cover for 30 minutes.

Light your Egg and preheat your Dutch oven with the lid on. Once you Egg has been at 500 degrees for 15 minutes open your egg and remove Dutch oven lid and pour some course ground cornmeal in the bottom, pour dough in and cover.

Cook for 45 minutes at 500 then remove the lid of the Dutch oven and cook 10 more minutes if needed.

Note: you are looking for a dark caramel color on the crust.

Remove bread and let cool.


beer bread cooked on big green eggWrap Up

If everything goes to plan, your delicious bread should look just like the bread on the right! A delicious treat for the whole family and fun to make as well! If you follow the recipe, make sure you post pictures of your creation on our Facebook by clicking here!