Weber iGrill 3 – The Ultimate Grilling App

There are few things in the world more satisfying than a meal prepared on your backyard barbecue. Whether you’re a steak and corn person, a burger person, or a veggie kebab person, the backyard barbecue is often the social and culinary highlight of a great summer weekend. Barbecues are about great people, great times, and great food!

 What Is the iGrill?

The iGrill 3 Thermometer System is an easy to install piece of technology that mounts on the front of your Weber Genesis II, Genesis II SE, and Genesis II LX and hooks into your grill and up to 4 separate thermometers. Powered by a free Android and iOS app and a Bluetooth connection, you’re about to be connected to your grill in ways you never knew were possible.

With this app, you’ll never over or undercook anything ever again. The iGrill comes with live graphs that can track up to 4 pieces of food at once. Get up-to-the-second information about your food, and set custom alerts that can remind you at any temperature to tend to or remove your food.

The app comes with a bank of presets for all your grill favorites, and allows you to create custom grilling profiles so you know your food will come out exactly the way you want it, every time.

When creating a profile, simply title it with the food you want and set your own custom alerts. It really is that easy! The probes in your food will track the temperature in real time and alert you whenever you hit the desired temperature. The bluetooth has a 150′ range, so you can head inside to cut up your veggies, prepare the perfect barbecue sauce, and get alerted on your phone when it’s time to take that perfectly grilled steak off the heat.

This app is perfect for a grill novice or a grill master. With custom alerts, the ability to use preset food options or make your own, and a live heat chart at your fingertips, you can let your grill cook while you entertain. No more worrying about how your food is doing, no more opening and closing the lid every 5 minutes. Just open up the app, set the grill, and forget it while you do what needs to be done! Be the master of your backyard grill!


Every Weber Grill in the new Genesis II line-up comes with the GS4 system and is iGrill 3 ready. What’s the GS4 system you ask? Well here’s a quick overview!

GS4 System

High-Performance Burners – These new evenly distributed burners ensure that when you cook your food, it cooks evenly anywhere on the grate. Whether you’re cooking a giant steak or a bunch of patties, rest assured that everything will cook evenly and on time!

Flavorizer™ Bars – Every drip of juice into your grill is a bit of flavor lost from the food. With the GS4™ System’s Flavorizer™ Bars, any drop of juices that falls onto this will smoke and sizzle their way back up into your food. Adding the irresistible smoky flavor that we all love.

New Grease Management System – The grease management system intuitively funnels grease away from the burners, and into a drip pan that is easily accessed and removed for quick and efficient cleanup.

Infinity™ Ignition System – Sometimes starting a grill can be the most challenging part of the whole experience! Well with the Infinity™ Ignition System you’ll be up and grilling the first time, every time.

Open Cart design – Everything you need at the touch of your fingers! Don’t worry about which door, or drawer, or shelf anything is on. With the open cart design, everything you need is right in front of you.

Wrap Up

iGrill 3 is some of the coolest technology out there when it comes to grilling. If you have any questions about the iGrill or the Weber Gs4™ System then contact us today. We love this great new piece of grilling technology, and would be happy to discuss how it can transform your grilling experiences! Thanks for reading!