How To Replace Your Stihl Gas Trimmer String

If you own a gas powered trimmer, then you’ve probably experienced the pains of having to replace the string yourself. While the trimmers are useful, restringing them definitely has to be the most annoying part about owning them! If you have A Stihl gas trimmer then we have a guide for all 6 heads that we sell, and a video guide for each one! Click on the name of YOUR trimmer head to find out how to replace your string!

Trimmer String Replacement

  1. There's no need to remove the head from the machine.
  2. Every 90 degrees on the center knob and the outer head there is an indicator. Make sure at least one set lines up.
  3. Cut approximately 15 feet worth of string, and then cut it in half.
  4. When cutting, make sure to cut on a bias (resulting in a slanted edge) to contribute to making it easier to insert into the eyelet.
  5. Place one piece of string into one eyelet until it reaches the bottom of the funnel. Repeat the with the other piece in the other eyelet.
  6. Hold the outside of the trimmer head, and turn the center knob in the direction of the arrows to spool the string.
  7. Trim the string so that it won't hit the guard when turned on, and then you're all set!
  1.  There is no need to remove the head from the machine for the Easy Spool Head.
  2. Make sure all the string is gone from the head.
  3. Turn the knob on the bottom of the head until any set of holes lines up with the arrows on the head.
  4. Cut approximately 15 feet of string, and then cut it in half on a bias.
  5. Cutting it on a bias helps make it simple to put in the holes.
  6. Push one of the strings into the eyelet until you feel it lock into the funnel inside.
  7. Hold the trimmer head, and turn the center knob in the direction of the arrows until the string has been fed into the head.
  1. Take your locating pin and drop it into the hole above the trimmer head. Push down until it locks into place.
  2. At this point, you can twist off the polycut head, and then remove it, the washer, and the locating pin.
  3. The polycut head will come apart just by pulling it.
  4. Replace all three fingers (Never replace just one).
  5. Put the head back together.
  6. Place the washer back on the machine and thread the head into place.
  7. Put the locating pin back in place and tighten the head into place.
  1. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw holding the polycut finger.
  2. Let the screw fall out and the finger will follow.
  3. Replace the finger with your new polycut finger, and replace the screw.
  4. Repeat for the other 2 fingers using the directions above.
  • Hold the outside of the head and unthread the knob.
  • Take out the spool and remove the head.
  • Cut approximately 12 feet of string.
  • Cut it in half on a bias to help it feed better.
  • There are two blind holes in the spool, put one string in each hole until they hit the bottom.
  • Bend both strings in the opposite direction of the holes and begin to wrap them around the spool.
  • When there are only about 9 inches of string left, thread the strings through the notches on their respective sides of the spool.
  • Take each string and feed them each through one eyelet on the trimmer head.
  • Place the spool in the center of the trimmer head and turn the spool until the locks line up with the eyelets.
  • Push the spool down, turn slightly clockwise until the spool locks, and release.
  • Replace the head on the machine, and trim the string if needed to prevent it from whacking the guard.
  1. Start by inserting the locking pin into the hole on the top of the head.
  2. Unscrew the head from the machine.
  3. Use the locking pin to release the lock on the sides of the head. Look for small holes that the pin can fit into, they are opposite each other and will release the top off the spool.
  4. Once unlocked, take the top off and remove the spool from inside the head.
  5. Cut approximately 10-12 feet of string, fold them in half, and cut them on a bias to make a point on the end and help  the string to go into he hole easier.
  6. There are two holes, one for each string. each track has it's own hole.
  7. Insert on string into each hole until it is firmly in place.
  8. Grab both string and spool them in their separate tracks, together.
  9. If your string comes above the center divider, there is a chance it could tangle, so make sure that you cut any excess string off.
  10. Once you have about 9 inches of string left, you're going to thread the string through the notches on either side of the spool.
  11. Drop the spool down into the head, push it down against the spring, and turn it just a little bit so that it holds in the downward position.
  12. Take the strings and put them through the eyelets in the trimmer head itself.
  13. Put the top of the trimmer head back on.
  14. Pull both strings outward to align the spool.
  15. Thread the trimmer head back onto your machine, and use the locking pin to secure it tightly in place!