Festool: Power Tools For Professionals

At Koopman Lumber, we know pros, so it’s no wonder the a Festool highlight blog would pop up. But here at Koopman we’re more than just retail, we’re workers, crafters, and tenured tradesman who not only sell the best, we use the best.

Simple Question: Is Festool Worth the Money?

Who doesn’t love a good argument discussion about power tools? Festool users are known to be quite brand loyal, going as far as to make their own fan site for the tools they know and love. We were surprised by the sheer volume of discussed topics and members when we went there. The site boasts 401,671 Posts in 33,479 Topics by 40,893 members, and the most recent post was a mere 3 minutes before I opened the site up! These guys are serious about their Festool, but the big question with Festool always comes back to “Is it worth the money?”

The question depends on the job, but most of the time the answer is “Yes.” There are little to no jobs that a Festool product can’t stand up to, but that’s not what makes them so great. There are other single tools that will outclass a Festool, but that’s not what makes them bad.

A Festool’s finest point is its ability to work in a system with other Festool products. Simply put, a Festool system will always work better than any other system.

The Festool System

Festools are designed to do two things very well.

  1. They’re designed to work
  2. They’re designed to last

Out of the box, you’ll find a Festool un upgrade over most of the equipment you’re using now. The Festool sander systems are in a league of their own as well. The HEPA certified dust extractors make any other system just look silly by operating more efficiently than any blog would lead you to believe.

One Festool user described his experience this way

The user experience is extremely good. Just about everything works perfectly out of the box. The tools come square, calibrated, and ready to use. The blade that comes with a Festool saw is one you can use for a long time, not one that requires immediate replacement.

All considerations have been made to ensure zero-tearout cuts, even in difficult material–there’s no fussing with aftermarket zero-clearance inserts and the like. The dust collection is great. There are lots of nice little interoperability points between the various products.

Reddit user abnormal_human

The Festool Experience

Festool products are designed to work. You purchase a product from Festool and 95% of the time there is no tinkering required with any settings, pressures, zero balances, or angles. Some very particular jobs will need some user input, but Festool will continue to shine even then.

All Festool products are ergonomically designed to feel great. You’ll probably notice right away how comfortable everything feel compared to most other tools, and even if you don’t because you had awesome tools before, you will see it in the long run.

By having a system of tools that work so well in tandem you can save time, and earn more money.

Wrap Up

Remember, Koopman knows pros. If you have any questions or want a hands-on demo of our extensive Festool line, contact us at (508) 234-4545 or visit us at us at Koopmanlumber.com