Diatomaceous Earth: Pet Safe, Food Grade Insecticide

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Diatomaceous EarthWould you prefer an effective non-toxic alternative to chemical insecticides? Diatomaceous Earth is just what you’ve been looking for! It is a highly effective, organic way to control pests. It is an insecticide that targets bugs with exoskeletons (ants, flea, ticks, bed bugs, cockroaches, slugs, silverfish) but is harmless to mammals, pets, and the environment. Humans can even eat it! In fact, we already do. It is widely used to protect stored grain from being eaten by bugs.  Horse lovers will use this in the horse bedding to control harmful insects.

Diatomaceous Earth has a wide variety of uses. It can be applied as barrier around plants, foundation of houses, patios, porches, and pools. It can also be used indoors in the kitchen, in corners, under appliances, behind baseboards, under carpets, rugs, and below sinks. It can be applied to windowsills and door thresholds. Sprinkle it on beds to kill bed bugs, as well as around and on pet beds and outdoor areas to kill fleas and ticks. It can even be rubbed into pet fur to kill fleas!  As with any control product, always read and follow the label instructions for what the product controls and how to use it.


Diatomaceous Earth…

  • Kills insects physically (dehydration), not chemically
  • Keeps killing for up to 9 months
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • When used outdoors, it does NOT have to be reapplied even after heavy rains.
  • Made from all natural ingredients  (made from FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth)