Choosing The Perfect Board for Your Deck

Kleer DeckingChoosing the right board for your deck can be one of the hardest parts about making (or replacing) it. The right board isn’t just about looks, or strength, or even budget, but it is a combination of all of these and more!

Some of you may be thinking about adding a new deck or giving an old one a facelift with new decking boards. Over the last few years, the decking market has grown tremendously and has become somewhat confusing with all of the different types of decking boards available. With pressure treated, cedar, mahogany, composite and PVC boards being offered, how do you know what is the best product for your situation?

To help you navigate the deck board market let’s discuss the following topics:

  • What your deck is used for
  • Different materials and different price levels
  • Overview of available products


Let’s jump in!

1. What is Your Deck Used For?

The first thing to consider is what you will be using your deck for. Different decking boards will hold better under rigorous use. If you plan on holding nightly barbecues or hanging out outside on chairs that scrape and move around, then a sturdier capped board might be for you. If your deck is a place that will be visited less frequently and by fewer people, then a less rugged pressure treated board with a sealant might offer you the results you need at a better price.

2. What is Your Price Range?

The other thing to consider is pricing. There are several different levels of price starting with pressure treated boards, then wood composite boards, capped wood composite boards, PVC boards, and lastly, variegated capped composite boards, which are at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Since different materials yield different maintenance and upkeep, as well as a different look, it’s important to determine your price range while also thinking about what you’d like your deck to be used for. A cheaper deck up front could lead to higher maintenance costs later in the life.

3. What Type of Materials Are Available to You?

Composite decking is made from furniture quality wood flour which is mixed with a polymer to achieve a strong, high-density end product. This means that composite deck boards will not shrink, expand, warp or split like wood decking. Also, you won’t need to remove splintered boards or sand the entire deck surface.

01-21-15 Jeff Edit CHOOSING PERFECT DECK BOARD Trex Select Pebble Gray

01-21-15 Jeff Edit CHOOSING PERFECT DECK BOARD Trex Select Saddle Tan

Tiki Torch

From left to right, Tiki Torch, Spiced Rum, Pebble Gray, Saddle Tan

Koopman offers capped composite decking. This is manufactured just like straight composite decking but then is capped with a rugged polymer that gives it stain and fade resistance. For this type of decking Koopman Lumber stocks Trex Select. It is available in Pebble Gray and Saddle Tan.

capped composite deck boardIt carries a 25 year no-stain warranty and has great color retention. It also has a solid board, which in most applications you would still want to install perimeter board to hide the cut ends.


Trex Transcend Spiced RumFinally, Koopman offers a variegated capped composite deck board called Trex Transcend. It mimics the look of tropical hardwoods and has a high-performance shell that wraps around the composite to protect it from the elements. This board also has a stain and fade warranty and has the look of real wood decking. It is available in Spiced Rum and Tiki Torch.


Trex Reveal RailingNow that we’ve covered deck boards, we’ll move on to the other component of your deck system: railings. Koopman offers a variety of products and materials to meet your needs.

The Endurance Railing by RDI has been a favorite product with Koopman customers for many years. It is a low-maintenance, aluminum reinforced vinyl system coupled with a variety of accessory brackets that allow installation to any surface at any angle. The unique patented locking pin design provides secure, invisible attachments of the aluminum reinforcements from the deck railing to the building structure. Koopman stocks this product in white with square balusters, but it can be special ordered in Sahara or Earth with either colonial, aluminum or glass balusters.

Trex Select RailingA newer product from RDI is the Transform Railing. It has the look and feel of a wood railing but does not actually contain wood. Unlike wood, Resalite won’t absorb water so it resists rot, weathering, discoloration, and sagging. Brackets are completely concealed within the rail structure, providing a clean finish look. One bracket is used for all applications level, stair, and angled installations. Transform’s exterior surface is 100% acrylic which is so durable that Transform CRUSHES composite railing with a limited lifetime warranty. In fact, bulletproof shields are made of acrylic!

Trex Transcend RailingAs a complement to the Trex decking products that Koopman stocks, there are 3 varieties of Trex Railing that you can order to complete your project. Trex Railing’s modular components let you mix and match a myriad of colors, finishes and materials nearly any way you wish. The Select line is available in white and the Transcend is available in seven colors. The Reveal line is made out of aluminum, which allows it be used in applications beyond decks, such as a hardscape like a stone patio.


When it comes to selling deck, we pride ourselves in only recommending and selling the best. Why make a deck that will underperform, provide risks, and not look as good? For that reason, we recommend Trex to all of our prospective deck owners, and some awesome RDI products for the railings.


  1. Trex Select
  2. Trex Transcend


  1. Trex
  2. Transform by RDI
  3. Endurance by RDI


All of the composite deck boards offered by Koopman Lumber are available with grooved edges so that they can be installed with hidden fasteners.  They are also available with square edges in certain lengths and can be installed with Cortex hidden fasteners so you do not see the screw or nail holes.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we offer a full lineup of products to cover every need and we gladly welcome you to come into one of our stores and speak with the knowledgeable sales staff to figure out the best product for your needs! To see a list of our locations, click here.