7 Easy Fall Weekend Projects

If you want to enjoy your beautiful fall weekends, you need to plan your weekend chores right. Here are 7 simple projects to tackle so that you can get on with your day!

Blog Series: 7 Easy Fall Weekend Projects

Difficulty: Easy
Time: Short

Always show proper caution when using power tools, and ensure you have a clear work area. Ensure you use proper safety when climbing ladders, for more information read our ladder safety blog here.

1) Tree Trimming and Pruning


  • When trimming large limbs, (above 6in diameter), it is best to work with a gas powered chainsaw. Make sure your chainsaw features a kickback-back system and chain catcher to help prevent injury during operation should something go awry. When cutting, cut halfway through the limb, switch to the other side, and cut into the opposite side until the limb falls.
  • If you have smaller branches, a tree pruner will allow you to reach up high and cut through just about anything in your path.
    • Once you’ve cut or trimmed back everything you needed to, then you can mulch the smaller branches, and pull out the log splitter for the larger ones!

2) Clean Your Gutters


For a full guide on how to clean your gutters, click here

  • You should clean your gutters out twice a year to ensure proper draining away from your home, and it’s foundation. Once in spring, and again, now, in fall. Make sure you follow our ladder safety tips from the blog linked above!
  • Start by removing leaves on your roof with a simple leaf rake.
  • Throw on some waterproof gloves and scoop the leaves out of your gutters by hand.
  • You can use a pressure washer with a gutter cleaning attachment to clean out any caked on grime.
  • With your gutters being squeaky clean, now is the time to install a gutter topper to keep them leaf-free!

3 - Remove Leaves From Your Yard


  • Leaving leaves on your lawn can block sunlight, and having wet leaves push down on your grass can suffocate it. To ensure your lawn stays healthy through the fall season, remove the leaves before any damage can befall your grass
  • Use a leaf blower to clear extensive areas with ease. Consider renting the new STIHL BR700 from Koopman Rentals for a cheap and easy way to clean your lawn!
  • Rake or blow the leaves into manageable piles.
  • Consider composting your leaves for a garden If you haven’t started a garden yet then you should reconsider it!
  • Bag leaves for proper disposal if you’re not composting.

4) Clean with a Pressure Washer


  • A pressure washer is an easy way to efficient, clean tough dirt and grime from large areas. Renting one is easy at Koopman Lumber, and you can get attachments to help with specific projects! To learn more about pressure washer rentals, click here!
  • The easiest place to start is your home’s exterior. Give it a good once-over with the pressure washer and your siding will be looking more like the day it got put up.
  • Next, move on to your driveway, walkways, patio, or deck!
  • Make sure you use the right attachments so you don’t damage your home or deck!

5) Clean Your Grill


For a full guide on how to clean your grill, click here and read steps 2-4!

  • Before you put the grill away, let’s clean it down so that in the spring time you don’t have a frozen winter’s worth of gunk on it!
  • Clean the cooking surfaces by removing the cooking grates and giving them a good soak in warm, soapy water. Scrub with steel wool, a scouring pad, or a lump of aluminum foil.
  • Clean the burners with a softer, brass-bristle grill brush.
  • Scrub any caked on food particles with a wire brush. Use a mixture of warm water and soap to clean the grease and grime. Let the parts air dry or use an old towel to dry the area.
  • Use an old broom to wipe away any grime that has accumulated outside of the drip pan.
  • Make sure to cover the grill so that your cleaning won’t go to waste before storing it!

6) Prep Your Tools For Winter


Click here to learn how to completely prepare your tools for winter!

  • Start by giving your tools a quick cleaning. Get rid of any lawn trappings, dirt, or grime with a quick hosing or wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Apply a light coat of oil to help prevent rusting over the winter.
  • For gas-powered tools, consider draining your tank or adding a fuel stabilizer to the existing fuel.

7) Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


For info on how to insulate your entire house, start with this blog here!

  • Doors and windows are the primary sources of wasted energy in a home. You can take small steps, such as applying caulk to creaks and seams to help keep that heat inside.
  • Inspect and replace weather stripping on door bottoms, your garage door, and around windows.
  • Install insulation batts in your garage to enjoy a warm workplace even in the coldest weather.
  • Inspect the quality of insulation in your attic, and consider adding or replacing if you’re noticing a significant heat transfer from your house to your attic.

Wrap Up

These tasks won’t take you too much time, and by spreading them out across the fall you can snag yourself some time to enjoy the crisp New England autumn!